A little about Cresco

Family run Business

We are a small, recently incorperated family run business operating from our base in Basildon, Essex. As such, we are very keen to increase our business. We understand this can only be acheived by carrying out quality work at low prices. We also understand the peace of mind that comes with using a local company that really does have your complete satisfaction as our number one goal.
Our Staff Promise
The Cresco Way - A word from our Managing Director.
Firslty, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is David Thomas and I have been involved in installing windows for some 20 years now.
Like most in the industry, I started working life as a labourer and worked my way through to installer, before starting my own company.
Having worked for a number of the larger companies, I always found myself being allocated the 'problem' jobs and soon came to realise the main reason for this. I simply cared. I want to make sure sure the customer gets a good job that they are happy with, and I want them to be completely confident that the job is not only a quality finish but also as hassle free as it can be.
My main grievience when working for some of the bigger companies was listening to the customer stories of how they had been treated. Far too often customers would tell me stories of sales-people that wouldnt leave the house, or phone calls that were never returned. I was shown quotations that were nothing short of scandalous.
As frustrating as I found these things, they are my inspiration in starting Cresco Windows & Doors. I am determined to run a company that prides itself, first and foremost on customer satisfaction. I understand the elements involved in achieving this and my aim to replace dodgy sales people with happy customers who encourage others to give us a call.
 This, will be our way forward. The Cresco Way. It will be how our staff are trained and it will be what is expected from them. If your experience of Cresco is any different to the above please do give me a call.

Put Simply, if you're looking for a company that delivers all of the above then you'd Best go to Cresco.